Home for a minute

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I was just at LAX and I didn't even check out the giant plane. I was too tired to do anything else at the airport other than pay a million dollars for parking and get home.

I went home, home this weekend and the visit was a real HIT as you can see by this photo.


Training in the winds of San Pedro

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Sister Tour

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I recently took my little sister to Vegas. She had never been there and didn't know what to expect. Im sure she was delighted to find out that "MY Vegas" involves the following activities:

Nabbing free drinks as a spectator of high-stakes craps at the Venetian or The Wynn or The Bellagio

Giving unsolicted recommendations for impromptu weddings (highlarious, right?)

Seeing how many people accept our offer to take a couple/group photo. (Project GoodSnapshotmaritian)


People In Photo Frames

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Doesn't this look like a happy family you would see in a photo frame at the store? Well it isn't.