Map to Lansing

Reflections on Fundraising

This article turned out longer than I anticipated and I still have more to say about our crowdfunding experience for The Keepers. I can be such a windbag, but really, this article is a good one - so read it if you want some stuff to think about as far as documentary ethics and crowdfunding.

I am so grateful the fundraising part (for now) is over - we are going to be hunkered down finishing production and editing. We have lots of shoots scheduled next week so if this blog is lucky, there will be more production pics here soon.

Until then, standby for more on Michigan....


Country Time

Michigan is cold and fresh as always. I'm having a nice visit out in the 'ville and I'm even testing out the Brinno on the backyard bird feeder:

It would be really nice if a big snowstorm could roll through here because that would make for a nice time lapse.  


Success Update

We did it. We reached our goal with 6 hours to spare. 15 grand is no easy feat in a the super saturated crowdfunding world. Everyone that gave gets to go to heaven!

Thanks to all my pals and readers who have put up with all the blog-hogging, email solicitations, and social media bombardment. I don't plan on doing another crowdfunding campaign for a good ten years. By then there will be fresh new planets full of alien film fans to tap into for money. 

For those of you interested in crowdfunding success, I have much more to say on that topic so check back in with me after I recover. 

For now I can get back to blogging about people talking during movies, people crying at work, matte lipstick, air travel, weather maps, Valentines Day, and other interesting things. 


Zoo Mania!

We've been busy! Just 36 hours left in our Indiegogo campaign.

The local press is taking notice - check out the video above. Most of my part was cut because I rambled about how I have an uncontrollable urge to climb in the lion cages. I need to stop talking about that because it really lessens my credibility. 

We were also written up in the Memphis Flyer and Memphis Daily News

It's been really interesting to raise funds for this film. We are an independent film crew who, after a ton of research and meetings, was granted access to the zoo to make a character-driven documentary about the zookeepers. We aren't funded by the zoo or affiliated with them at all, but we are finding it gets mixed up in the media message. Hey, the film is going to bring attention to the Memphis Zoo, so if people think helping us, helps the zoo - they are not wrong!