Michigan, Sweet Peninsula of Dreams and Magic














Lady sawed in half at American Museum Of Magic in Marshall, MI. Flea Circus from there too.  Heading west on G-D River road at 9:45pm. Michigan Challenge Balloon Fest in Howell, MI. Pre-storm sky and blurry bird in backyard Fowlerville, MI. Old basketball court at Fowlerville Community Park. Community pool at Grosse Point Park. Lil nephew smooching  giraffe at Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, MI.  (some photos from my tumblr)

I will miss this place. Back to Memphis tomorrow!


Michigan List Pt 2

American Museum of Magic
Colon, MI
Fireflies (reminder to self: google "how to photograph fireflies")
Seventh Day Adventist Village
Ducks or something squawking outside my window in the early morn.
Hot air balloon racing
Grosse Pointe Parks and pools
Binder Park Zoo
10:10pm sunsets
Perfectly reasonable wine prices


Photos of Meals

Yeah yeah, I understand that thisiswhatwehadfordinner food pictures are made for registered yelp users and roadfood.com enthusiasts and personal blogs of people that take pictures of their food and their feet in crazy places, but consider this a genre post. And consider that you are looking at a baby greek salad from National Coney Island. You can't get that anywhere.
Only in Michigan.

Did you know the term Michigander was coined by Abe Lincoln?

My Michigany list this week:

People stopping by (Michigan small towny)
Pop (I've had a lot of it here)
75 mph MINIMUM,ok?
Sightings of new/test Chevy/Ford vehicles
Farms, cherries, beets, apples
Chicken Shawarma (I dream of the old La Sish when they still had gobs of weapons on their walls)
Kellogg Sanitarium
Unsolved small town murder


Made It All These Miles

Got in way, way later than I anticipated. Wouldn't have been a big deal if my night vision hadn't been impaired by bug-guts-on-the-windshield glare for the last hour.  Forgot about the time zone change, ran into a couple traffic jams, and some surprising slow fast food service in southern Indiana.

All of that will get you to a place called Pure Michigan.


Strange Sightings

It's been a weird couple weeks. For example, I saw these guys dressed up like lime heros driving down Walnut Grove waving at people and falpping their lime capes around and I spotted a vanity plate that said YU1DRNG.  Did the owner of that plate know I would be wondering about chubby dudes dressed up like green fruity super heros?

I'll be back on the road soon. My tumblr will be the place to check for updates.  More content here soon.