Blow me away, outta here

Round here, we have been doing a dress rehearsal for the storms and whatnot mentioned in the book of Revelations.

I was supposed to be in San Francisco by now but my flight has been pushed back because apparently pilots and ground crew need to rest between lifting up and landing in funnel clouds and hail.

It’s ok. Let them rest. I have obviously been resting from this blog. Would you believe it if I said I too have been landing in funnel clouds?   Well funnel cakes are more like it, nevertheless very distracting.

Check my tumblr often while I am out west. I hope to report more soon.

Happy trails to me and to the storm chasers.



Overheard at my work:

(conversation about unfit mother or something)
"...it's like if you didn't want your baby, you shoulda taken her to the fire department."

Overheard at Shell gas station in Forrest City:

“Yeah mang, I got all my sh*t taken care of. I know how to get in their heads. I get on Facebook and mess with their emotions. Yeah mang, I know how to do.”

Overheard at hair salon:

“I just saw Country Strong

“Yeah? How was it”

“I looooved it. It was really good.”

“Oh was it? You probably saw yourself…you were just wishing that was your life.”

“I just liked watching it cuz I wish I could wear my hair that big all the time.  Haha. Oh but Gwyenth is so good in it.”

“God she is good. She’s just so…belieeeeevable.”


Mid-Sized SUVs & Baby Sheep


One time when I was just a young college gal, I had to borrow my parents SUV to move something large and I stopped to get gas and smokes or something and when we (I never traveled in SUVs alone – I had a BF with me) got out of the car, some crunchy touch-of-gray-deadheads/trustafarians started to “baaaaaah, baaaaah” like we were sheep because we were in an SUV. It was the 90s – the economy was good so people focused their hatred on SUVs and third world banking. Remember when the ecoterrorists used to blow up SUVs? I probably escaped a crazy hippy bomb homicide that day.  I wonder where they are now. Babylon?

But I confess – this week I got caught up in the herd. I let work take up all my time and I didn’t have a chance to blog about the following fascinating topics:

  • The lifespan of my umbrella
  • Driving with tornados
  • Cylcoramas
  • Boss talk (more complaining about office stuff)
  • My unique eyesight ailment/disability that makes it impossible for me to read spreadsheets
  • NBA Playoffs
  • New computers
  • First Quarter Documentary Round-Up … ok I wasn’t THAT busy – I recently watched The Bridge (suicide/landmarks), Winnebago Man (misunderstood person/found footage/stuff white people like), Last Train Home (factory work/claustrophobic journey), and A Man Named Pearl (folk art/topiary inspiration, crazy eyebrows)
  • Getting my first “unescorted” badge at the priz and forgetting to shut a giant gate. (That topic is vague because I’m thinking about expanding in a special, actual blog post)
  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects



Alabama Reality



(bottom map not guaranteed for accuracy)

I’ve been collecting state postcard maps for some time and I gotta say, this recent trip through Alabama produced some of my favorite examples of designy-y egogeography.


Back From the Palmetto State


My postcard map collection continues to grow. The bottom one is inaccurate, I found no sand dollars. Tomorrow: Alabama. The day after that: Maybe a proper update.