It's been a crazy couple of weeks. The only thing that is the same is that I ALWAYS get the window seat. Even if I have to move sleeping children or trick elderly passengers into thinking that they read their ticket wrong.

Kidding. Merry Christmas to all!


Note. Pads.

I love when you are required to take a “creativity class” for work. This happens, it happens a lot and I can speak from experience that most of the time the lesson has no impact on anyone other than annoying the already creative people with great tips like: “Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand” and “Carry around a note book for ideas.”

Idea-to-paper isn’t a learned thing. Either you are someone that is compelled, by narcissism or brain chemistry or emotional insecurity or short term memory loss, to record your thoughts and observations, or you aren’t. Maybe you journaled for a week after seeing a guest on Oprah (or taking a creativity seminar). Maybe if you are a CEO and you caught a case of cancer and are paying a biographer to write the story of your life, maybe you have started to carry around a notebook to record thoughts and memories for him/her. Maybe you have started to carry around your secretary. Whatever your temporary situation, you don’t have any claim over the notebook debate.

I have the compulsion to record all the time (probably due to a mix of the above mentioned reasons) and unlike one of my favorite bloggers Summer Pierre, I am not that particular about what I write in or on. I like her post even though I totally disagree (but she is the drawing type so that could make a difference) and in fact love when people get me journals as gifts, even if they are totally crazy, like when my grandma gets ones from church craft sales covered in seashells attached with Elmer's glue, because I find them all sentimental and inspiring.

You can’t carry seashell journals around easily though. Elmer’s is not purse-transport approved. My favorite ones to carry around are the little teeny steno-style flip ones, preferably covered with wildlife photos. These are the notebooks of private investigators (minus the chihuahua photos) and electricians.  My personal  glory days of the mini flip were back when I lived in K-Town, LA near a Korean dollar store. These would come in packs of three. I got one pack that had three different St. Bernards.  I think I have one mostly blank one of these left – I am obviously saving it for a very serious investigation:


I do have a preference when it comes to TCB-ing. For the plotting and the scamming, I love notepads. Note. Pads. The top-tear kind you would use in court and/or the USA networks show “Suits”. To prove my point, here is the stack of notepads I have filled this year:


Like a crazy person on trial representing herself, these notebooks are filled with counter points and closing arguments.

You never know.


A Seger Collage Montage

I needed some old time rock and roll to get me back on track with more regular updates and you know what? I got it at the FedEx Forum this past Saturday night :



IMAG1166     IMAG1178

Bob Seger releases special Nostalgiaendorphines in people born in Michigan.

Alto Reed must be the inspiration for Sexy Sax Man – well, and the inspiration for many many other things.

In other news, I just installed a bunch of holiday fonts on my computer thanks to this site. All business letters for the rest of the month will look like elves and candy canes.


Murder Bathroom Update

For those of you wondering about crime stats in the “Murder Bathroom” neighborhood (read about the Murder Bathroom here), I am sad to report that on a walk-through yesterday I found evidence of murder:


Explain this:


As far as everyone knows the doors were intact that morning so that means someone (probably female, dressed in “BizCas” clothing) in the office park was smashed to death (and then most likely flushed) between 9am and 2pm.

We are closing our office, in fact I turned in my keys yesterday so I won’t be able to continue my investigation or be able to experience the thrill of using the murder bathroom.

I will continue my quest to expose things that creep me out – check out my recent find at the thrift store for proof.




Slogging: Slacking on blogging.

Decorwaiting: Lazy Christmas light application usually found in the form of one or two strands of lights thrown on bottom branches of trees, waiting for another day (or the next holiday season) to fix it.