Holiday Filter

Not traveling for the holiday. I am displacing my need for travel by hanging more and more lights.

Got this groovy bokeh filter set though. These are our "sunroom" windows.


Library Book of the Week: Holiday Edition


Back in 1968 when this book was published, you didn’t have to say but one long word to let people know it is HOLIDAY time. You said, “Sugarplums.” And the world knew.

Now in 2012, sugarplums no longer exists but we are left with visions of them.

The cover of this book is in the style of some of my favorite sixties Peter Max type illustrations. The inside is only black and white, not a whole lot of pictures but there are a few gems. Like this one:


Here are a few more photos that Mimi would want you to enjoy!




Another Placeholder Post

Originally uploaded by kayekilla.

It is finally cold enough in Memphis to wear animal-knits (mohair, wool, etc). I'm so behind on everything. Instead of blogging here or finishing grading end-of-semester papers, I put up holiday lights all over our place. Priorities.

Until I can get back to it, please enjoy this photo of a beloved house cat preserved in time through the art of taxidermy. I saw this and many other impressive pieces at a show in Michigan. Of course.


From the Ashes

....of crumpled kleenexes, barf bags, Cheratussin AC, and some other crap, I have risen!

I was too sick to do any.thing. last week. My friends tell me that the flu going around has made media headlines. I say they are underestimating how bad it is. I recommend that we bring lady gloves and face masks back into fashion. And children, while they did brighten my recent Thanksgiving holiday, need to be quarantined until springtime. Just tell them Santa wants them to stay in their room.

I'll post deep thoughts and bourbon barrel pictures when I get caught up with the rest of  the mess around me. Getting deathly ill right after a long trip is bad news for household chores and work projects.