That is a giant tree stump I found on a short hike on a recent trip out west. I meant to take a picture of my hand in front of the camera to show scale but then I realized I would have nothing to show for perspective. Trust me. It was a large and dirty stump. Very rooty – quite actually ripped from the earth and toppled over on its side, waiting to be overtaken by rain, moss, and worms. Kind of like this blog.

I am hoping for a rain, moss, and worm revival come fall.


New Jersey My Love

Due to the derecho last week, it took 30 hours to get to Newark, but it was worth it to see my family and to finally check out this place:

IMAG3740IMAG3751 IMAG3748

We also went to the Thomas Edison National Historic Park (aka: Where America Was Invented) in West Orange.

This is a where he took naps and pre-invented stuff like the movie camera and portable batteries:


And here are some snaps of his factory and office:

IMAG0134IMAG0136  DSC_4188DSC_4185

Prototype of a record changer phonograph:


Bonus: On the way out to Newark we flew over a sweet sunset and then a lightening storm that lasted forever.  If you haven’t flown above a super active lightening storm at 30,000 feet then you really haven’t seen anything that spectacular.