End of the Month/Madness

Well, bless you for still checking in here. I don't deserve readers since I have been treating this blog so poorly. I have good reasons though.  Travel, humid weather, ebay auctions, movie stuff, and I took on a condensed summer course and I've been cramming in fifteen weeks worth of planning, lecturing, adjusting to new students, and grading all in a single teeny, short month.

I almost wrote "I have been really busy" but then I was reminded of some recent conversations I've had with 1) people that told me how BUSY they are and 2) with people who were annoyed with people talking about how BUSY they are.

Here's a free tidbit from my manners manual: In general, when you tell another person that you are just so BUSY, it will probably be taken as a bit of an insult and/or you will look like a self-important ass. It insinuates that the listener is a person who has nothing to do but sit around and listen to how busy other people are.

Imagine a blogger (are people still called bloggers? What do I know, I still have a blogger account) complaining about how busy they are to some readers that have taken the time to drop by and see what they've been up to. It just isn't good etiquette and a google search tells me that many others have observed this annoyance. However it continues - people still miraculously find time to complain. I manage to carve out lots of time for complaining, but never about being busy. I complain mostly about United Airlines and how Subway sandwich artists should be forced to eat a giant three-tablespoon scoop of yellow mustard during sandwich training because that is the only way they will ever understand what "just a little mustard" means.

So you can see just how gracious I am that I spared you from the busy BS. Let's just assume we are all out there, making it happen or watching it happen or just whatever. I have to get back to sorting through my mega-gigs of photos from summer thus far. Lots of pics to share and we are on the road again tomorrow.  Expect major gas station snack pics on my instagram.



I was in beautiful San Francisco this weekend. I spent way too much time delayed and held over in Houston, but at least I got a postcard map:

*Think of this post as a layover/delay until I can get back to blogging biz.