It's around twenty degrees outside. My bones are soaked, chilled, and rattling and worse -my only internet hook-up is this blackberry. This demonic device that reminds me of the job waiting for me when I get back to LA. But i just want to forget that.

It's easy to forget what a house full of siblings sounds like. Or what a town in the thick of deer season looks like. Or what sleet turning to snow feels like. Or what free food from parents fridge tastes like. But it's all coming back to me.

The mechanics in town that gave my sister an oil change and free tire rotation wore carharts and seemed kind of preoccupied. My dad has thrown some safetyblaze orange accessories into his daily running outfit. Don't want em to mistake ya for a buck.

Last night Em and Tdog and I were in royal oak and ran across a half chopped deer hanging by its hind quarters. I got a couple shots of it before one of the hunters came out and asked if we wanted to take pictures of the carcass. Well when you put it that way - who can resist? The dude told us that this was his last deer because he was getting old and it just wasn't the same. I'm not the same guy I was. You change, you get older. He told us while he waived his filet knife around.

I'm just glad mama doesn't have to kill a turkey for tomorrow. We already picked up the pre-plucked bird at Sav-on foods tonight.there has been enough violence around here. Mostly emotional voilence for me though, i can't handle the bittersweet visits with my old pals and old stomping grounds. But like the weather, i really need to dry up.


bethany toews said...

as I was reading this, I was there with you. I love your ability to present all the layers. you give me the turkey and the stuffing and you cover them in a lovely giblet gravy that makes my tummy grumble and my mouth moist with the promise of satisfaction. chef sara, I love reading your cookbook.

Unknown said...

Bummer we couldnt connect in the D while we were both here. I have been drunk every night and boy does that help with the freezing weather. Yesterday I rollerbladed down cass from the DIA to Cass Tech. It was great. I wish I could morf LA and Det. I saw a fire house for sale down there. 400k. I had a flash forward about getting a herse and laser back packs and gostbusting in detroit. I bet there are alot of ghosts that need busting here.