Crafting out the Flu Demons




I'm making a wreath – I hope when i am finished that I will have kicked this headcold. Unlike my illness, I am making it all up as I go along. These color choices are influenced by blue Nyquil and I hereby declare that alterna-colored poinsettias look a lot like Hawaiian print somethings so the theme this year will be Christmas in Hawaii.

I am also going to finish this little needlepoint kit I picked up at a Little Rock thrift store:


The cashier said, “Taking on a big project, huh? Sure you can handle it?”

“Well sir, I need the extra free time to sew your big mouth shut.” And then I promptly opened the kit, took out the needle and yarn and sewed his mouth shut with two daisies and chain stitch. He spent the rest of the day ringing customers up without comment.

(The above is an example of the great partial fiction for which I am known )

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