Murder Bathroom Update

For those of you wondering about crime stats in the “Murder Bathroom” neighborhood (read about the Murder Bathroom here), I am sad to report that on a walk-through yesterday I found evidence of murder:


Explain this:


As far as everyone knows the doors were intact that morning so that means someone (probably female, dressed in “BizCas” clothing) in the office park was smashed to death (and then most likely flushed) between 9am and 2pm.

We are closing our office, in fact I turned in my keys yesterday so I won’t be able to continue my investigation or be able to experience the thrill of using the murder bathroom.

I will continue my quest to expose things that creep me out – check out my recent find at the thrift store for proof.

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kfw said...

thank you for that laugh. i sneeze-giggled over the possibility of murder!