The spooky future: A PC in a Mac!

Thanks to the magic of computing I found a way to run the incomparable Windows Live Writer on my new Mac. Isn’t that thrilling? I may be able to keep this thing up for just a little while longer.

So I’m way behind on any kind of update. Know this: It snowed here in Memphis the day after Christmas and it was very exciting.

It is now 2013 and, you know, the number thirteen is lucky and unlucky so you need to ask yourself, “what will it be for me?” I can tell you I lived in an old, old building in the cass corridor and tons of unlucky stuff happened in that apartment: plagues of both cockroaches and mice, theft, burnt cookies, violent break-ins, voo-doo – you name it. I moved out after six months. I realized later that technically that apartment would have been apartment 13, but the owners chose to skip that number when it came to “naming” apartments, so every floor had three apartments and on my floor there were apartments 11,12, and 14. Isn’t that just something? I don’t believe in curses or bad luck, but sometimes they believe in me.

Now, enjoy this spooky picture of lights on a snowy house: 


And appreciate the awesomeness of a Memphis NYE:

IMAG7368 IMAG7418

Happy New Year to all.

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