Reunited. Worth it.

Just had my high school reunion this past weekend. I'm going to save juicy details for a longer story about how Facebook (and lack of counseling for some people that seriously need it) can really affect reunion planning in this modern day.

For now I just wanted to share photos of the radical decorations and props we came up with using limited funds and support.  We pulled it off and everyone had a rockin good time (thanks to a boom box and mix tapes).

Our awesome name tag display before all the tags went up.

Name tags with senior pics. 

Place settings with copies of our graduation program. 

Photo booth.

Cassette tapes - yes they still play just fine.

Candy table!

Burnt hydrangeas!  (but they were real!)

(and everyone after, a "few" years later)

I'm from a pretty small town so I actually started kindergarden with a lot of these people. It was so great to see people I hadn't seen in forevah. It is totally worth going to a reunion like this because it gives you that one-of-a-kind trippy feeling of time blazing by with no time passing at all. It's the best. 

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