Where Everyone is At

You should read, follow, and submit to Short People, Places, and Things - a micro-nonfiction collection some pals and I are trying out on the new blogging (or just writing) platform Medium.

Medium claims to be a place for everyone's stories and ideas, so I figured I'd go where everyone else is going. Also it's an easy collaboration platform and it's connected to your twitter account which means you don't have to make up a whole new password, which sometimes can be the one stressful thing that pushes you over the edge to madness and despair.  I know I hate thinking of new passwords and I can't use my favorite food because I can't spell spaghetti if I can't see the letters.

If you have seen the tv show Sherlock you might be dazzled at how quickly he figures out people's passwords, I know I am. He just looks around at their surroundings, taps into his mind palace and is like "I know! It's Madeline1964!" And he's always right. So I'm thinking the new thing would be to forget coming up with something you'd remember and instead take on a password persona and then pick passwords that that your character would pick. Say you take on the persona of an 84 year old woman, you'd pick a password totally different than what people are expecting - like, say, the botanical name of ladies finger flowers. That is an extra layer of security. No one, not even Sherlock, could crack it.  As long as you never hint to this persona, like on a blog.

In summary, you can find more accounts of interesting interactions over at the collection on Medium. I will still post pictures of moss, trees, and museums here when I can and I hope to have an update for The Keepers very soon.

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