Memphishead: The Only Downside So Far

I have sent word out that old fashioned medications are better than new fashioned ones. No, this is not part of my "Revive the Quaalude" campaign. It is entirely separate.  But I hope that this explanation helps.

I got a migraine with aura this morning and it pissed me off. Migraine with aura sounds like something you order up, "I'll have one falafel tart with aura and thank you." All it really means is that you can't see past the lightening bugs in your own eyes. A visual freak out.

I'm telling you the best thing to do is take four Motrin and one Midrin with a short glass of whiskey (aged less than 12 years) and then follow in hour with a bottle of Dr. Pepper. You will feel better in three hours as opposed to Imitrix which just makes you feel like you are suffocating for five hours.


heidi said...

you are my new doctor. we'll use the barter system to keep with the old fashioned theme.

J said...

my favorite old-school drug is: quinine


S K said...

I also vote for Laudanum:

J said...

this is not as specific, but i also would like to see the return of various elixirs, analgesics and tonics sold out of the back of a wagon.