This is NOT a Craft Blog


However, this is kind of an American Restoration tale, right? A thrift find turned home art masterpiece?  I found this at the Elvis Presley Blvd AmVets and had to have it because I love vacations. It’s just my thing.


The instructions were easy:  you remove the photos of the thin white people frolicking on the beach and “Use with your own photographs to create the look.”  Notice they don’t say much about what the look means. You are supposed to know what that is code for, you are supposed to know that VACATION means BEACH and BEACHBODIES.



When I took the frame apart I found out why it was only a dollar – it was cracked out in one corner. But I used wood glue and medical tape to fix that right up. (it’s waterproof)


I got to work and one-by-one, replaced all those beach scenes with my own look. A look I call Southern Megafauna Explorer.


Waaa-Lah! Here you have my interpretation of The Look. You can’t see it all but that is because I am protecting the privacy of the first A.  Notice the second “A” is a picture of the original badass American flag we saw at Fort Sumter.


American Vacation.


kfw said...

i love it

Molly Donahue said...

and more perfection!!!!!!!!!!