Zoo Mania!

We've been busy! Just 36 hours left in our Indiegogo campaign.

The local press is taking notice - check out the video above. Most of my part was cut because I rambled about how I have an uncontrollable urge to climb in the lion cages. I need to stop talking about that because it really lessens my credibility. 

We were also written up in the Memphis Flyer and Memphis Daily News

It's been really interesting to raise funds for this film. We are an independent film crew who, after a ton of research and meetings, was granted access to the zoo to make a character-driven documentary about the zookeepers. We aren't funded by the zoo or affiliated with them at all, but we are finding it gets mixed up in the media message. Hey, the film is going to bring attention to the Memphis Zoo, so if people think helping us, helps the zoo - they are not wrong!

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