National Park Pop-Up Trip

One of my favorite birthday presents this year was the America's National Park Pop-Up Book.

The description says:
"The book is a coast to coast journey featuring 18 of our most visited national parks, six as stunning double page pop-ups: Everglades, Great Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Glacier and Yosemite national parks. Pop-up paper engineering is created by Bruce Foster, designer of 40 pop-up books, including the amazing Harry Potter pop-up book. The pop-up illustrations by Dave Ember are in the style of the WPA 1930s posters..."
I like the thickness of it - it let's you know this isn't really a kids pop-up book. I mean, you can let kids watch you look at it and they might enjoy from afar, but no dirty undexterous hands on this piece:

The back cover claims that the National Parks will come to life! And they do.

Here's the Grand Canyon:

And Yellowstone:

And a tiny book in the corner of the Glacier National Park page opens up to reveal a "jammer":

I loved this book almost as much as I love the National Parks and my National Park Passport. If they wanted any ideas for improvements on the next printing, I'd say they could include a useable human-size fold-out tent of the Ahwahnee Lodge at Yosemite:

I've always wanted to stay there. Imagine: Turn your card table into the Ahwahnee Lodge!  Grand idea. 

Get this book and then get me to the Everglades:

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