My plane ride home took over five hours due to a strong headwind. I think that could be a pilots term for "the unbearable weight of unreasonable children screaming." I am jetlagged to the #%$nth degree. It was a couple of fun filled days in my favorite American city visiting my favorite American people, driving through inches of my favorite American precipitation. The trip included a stroll through the MGM with my sis, movie ("Vantage Point") with the lil bro, an easter dinner, a couple gatherings at E's house and a trip to Bob Evans with my mom. Needless to say, the visit was not without snacks or scandal. I voted for the hip-hop mayor into his first term and now look what he's gotten himself into. I can't wait to see how this pans out.
The movie D and I selected to see was "Vantage Point." Movie selection with a family member is an entirely different thing than normal movie selection. Everyone knows this. This is why I have seen "The Family Stone" and "PS I Love You" in the theater. I blame those on my sister. My brother is a little more easy going. "Vantage Point" is everything you would think it would be and if you aren't thinking about it much well then there you go. It's a movie about a presidential assassination seen from several different viewpoints. We found it more enjoyable if we turned to each other in between viewpoints and whispered vantage point. Try it - it's sure to be a hit.
Speaking of hits. I finally read "The Road." A book never made me feel so dusty and sweet. I liked it a lot, just like y'all said I would. I can't help but think that it had some kind of right-wing message though. I'd have to form and report to a book club to flesh out this idea. Who do you think owns apocalyptic imagery and literature? The right or the left or just the baby boomers? I heard that it is going to be made into a movie starring Viggo Mortenson as The Man. Of course.

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