National Sales Meeting

I'm heating dirty hotel fruit in Austin. I'm eating the dirty fruit from from the hotel in Austin.

They come into our rooms while we are in meetings to leave 'gifts' like sweatshirts with the company logo and a can of red bull. This makes some people happy. It makes me suspicious.

This morning we had to report in the hotel lobby at 615 am wearing the company logo sweatshirt. The escorted us outside in the dawn freeze and we waited until five guys dressed like (deer-skin-mocassin-style) indians came out to perform a sundance. Then a larger man dressed like an important indian came out. Judging by his headdress I would say he was 'The Chief.' He talked about the four elements and the talking stick and how togetherness will bring our company into a new dimension.

Hmmmm. If you are uncomfortable or confused reading this you are no further along than I am.

Words overused at corporate meetings: change, growth, opportunity, and most of all 'challenge'

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hopeful romantic said...

I cannot and will not believe anything I have just read.