The best internet time waster of 2008 has arrived: 54 Years of Sports history.
Thank goodness, I was getting a little too productive.
A few of my favorites (as in covers or photos - I haven't gotten around to the articles too much yet) can be found:
And just cuz I like toothless hockey players from time to time: Here
And because E and I decided to pick one thing to really get into and that thing being the 84 Olympics: Here - It's really no wonder I moved to Los Angeles.

So it's been a swell at-home weekend, minus the hour and fifteen minutes I spent on the phone with HP tech support only to find out I had a bunk SD card - good thing I spent 40 minutes of that time ranting about how much I hate Vista and how I was probably just going to return my new laptop. Anyway, enough of that, I liked hanging around town for a change. I had to stick around for a pals birthday extravaganza and I had a class today. The class went well and all the students obeyed all of my irrational requests and were generally rad, even if one seemed to know a little bit more about AfterEffects than I did. I can't know everything all the time, it just seems like it. The real take-away lesson of this first weekend in April was to not over-mix cake batter because you will get spongy cupcakes. It's not like I ruined J's birthday or anything but whoever gets my next batch of cupcakes is really going to be in for a treat. Maybe I will give them to neighbor that has a condo in Maui.

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