I quit my stupid corporate job today. I do hope someone will show up to pay my bills. A few helpful fellas did show up this afternoon (thanks J+F!) to help me paint my bedroom a youthful lavender. A colorful testimony of my avoidance of adulthood. I should have Swiss Almonded this place like a proper renter.

I don't really care about work or any of that time-sucking bullshit truthfully and keeping up that facade has been exhausting! I only care about it because people seem to talk about it a lot and I have a tendency to want to please others (which is why I always look so good). I know what I am supposed to be doing and thank god I freed up some time so I can work on my petition to change Jeff Kent's batting song. I have a few other like-minded projects and I am looking for collaborators, residency not required, but an undying passion for the baseball zen peace movement, is.

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Selmin said...

congratz, girl! now you can be broke and lazy like the rest of us :-)