If You Seek a Pleasant Peninsula

look about you.

Made it to Fowlerville very late last night. What pleasure to drive out from under the trees of Midtown Memphis, through the sunflowers of east Arkansas and the purpled-flowered brush of lower Missouri and the pro-life signage of southern Illinois – punctuated by a forty-foot cross in Effingham (a rather funny name for a place with a huge cross– that is if people are pronouncing it like I am; EFF-in’HAM) and then a ramble onward through the flat gray roads of the only interstate highway system in the USA that has more Arby’s than McDonalds – Indiana, all just to be greeted by my favorite state sign of all time MICHIGAN: GREAT LAKES GREAT TIMES. Every time I drive under it I think, no DUH.


(photo from Arkansas)

I’ll be back in the Volunteer State soon. Until then…

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Kevin said...

One of my idols is from Fowlerville.