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I read this article while waiting in my acupuncturist’s (it was LA – everyone had one) office two years ago and the story of Douglas Anne Munson is still with me most of the time. I suspect that my emotional state after reading about her demise was permanently pinned into the sides of my knees and the skin between my thumb and index finger (placement of the needles that day, recommended for migraines and people with flex spending accounts) and since I use my thumb and index finger a lot I get shocks of anxiety and a feeling of destitution along with an intense urge to write mysteries. 

I was thinking about ol’ Mercedes while hunting for some unrelated Los Angeles information when I came across this blog entry from Theresa Duncan’s blog – it caught my eye because she used an Elmore Leonard quote, “Los Angeles Is Detroit With Palm Trees” – I remembered reading about her that same summer two years ago when I was getting stuck with skinny pins – about how she and her boyfriend committed suicide within two weeks of each other and thought that scientologists were after them (internet analysis gathered from unreliable blogs and sloppy new sources). But it wasn’t the tragic end of her career and life that I remembered the most, it is that through all of the stuff written about her after her death, she was accused of lying about her age, and education, they had to question whether or not she worked at Marwil Bookstore in Detroit. That I remember because I used to get my textbooks there.

I’d search the internet for inspiring stories about happy talented women in Los Angeles but they are hard to find, when I do stumble across something I will be sure to get to an acupuncturist immediately after reading to seal in the warm fuzzies and replace the dark pits of despair.

In case you need: more quotes about Los Angeles.

Or a: pick me up.

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