Thinking About My Wordhord

Essentially what I do here on KayeKillA, besides explore a humanity above and beyond the reigning civilization, is really – a disciplined practice of the unadulterated unleashing of my wordhord, no matter how smalltownpublicschooled it may be.

Speakers of Old English referred to the words they knew as their “wordhord.” In OE poetry, a common expression meaning “He spoke” is “He unlocked his wordhord.” Those linguistic ancestors of ours saw vocabulary for the treasure that it is. (dailywritingtips.com)

Every so often I like to challenge myself to use words other than “awesome” when describing a trip or a movie or a book to friends and strangers. It is an easy lazy habit to fall into, this “awesome” habit (awesome’s close friend “AMAZING” has taken over most of my friends vocabularies).

But lame words = lame life.

It is time to spice things up people. For the rest of the year join me – and use some other phrases than, “amazing” and “can’t get my head around it.” Kick them out of your wordhord.

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