My Magic Words

My last post was a pimento premonition. Today I had lunch at Au Fond Farmtable with my darling friend Jaclyn and she ordered the pimento sandwich. She was already planning on it  (and she doesn’t read this crappy blog or know anything about my fascination with southern people like herself eating pimento cheese) when the woman in line in front of us insisted she order it. She was about to go into graphic detail about mayo ratios when the couple in front of her started in with a breathless endorsement for the cinnamon rolls. They started humping each other (new restaurants make people happy) to the rhythmic sounds of “buttered organic flour” and me and J were left to order on our own. 

And if I wasn’t already in enough of a reminiscing mood after the movie last night – I found out that Alex Chilton died today (Big Star also makes me think of my Detroit Glory Days/musical education – so does Black Label beer, smashed windows, and Newports). The night I moved to Memphis, me and B and a fella he was working on a project with – well now that I think about it the project was the Big Star box set – went to the Memphis Italian Festival and saw The Box Tops:


RIP Alex Chilton. I will miss being weirded out by your performances.

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