A Leisurely Death

I’m a fan of the site 750Words. If you already write every day or want to combine a private online journal (or public journal if you want the world to know that you are “in a good place” or “not in a good place” – the things I imagine other people journaling about) with the Jerry Seinfeld X-marks-the-day-don’t-break-the-chain type writing motivation tool, you should check it out.

What I like most is how it gives you an analysis of how fast you wrote and what you wrote about and you can compare yourself with the rest of the “world” (world meaning the other people who like to type into websites).

I wasn’t too surprised to see this breakdown of me vs the world average:


While the world worries about their death, I worry about my free time, because, well, I’ve already had a couple near-death experiences and I know that the only thing worth worrying about is whether or not I am going to be trapped in some kind of staff meeting or whether or not I am going to miss a great local festival (like the possum festival next weekend) or the chance to watch 12 hours of post-debate MSNBC. Obviously these results are scientific.

Won’t you join me?

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kfw said...

Love this. I'm gonna check it.