If I knew as much about money as I do about boxed wine I would be able to get my name to the top of the Chevy volt waiting list. DB calls boxed wine 'mom crack'. If I had a lot of lot of money I would name a bench after myself and my future dead husband, a civil engineer and known philanthropist, on huntington beach or maybe in DC near Ford's Theater, it would say "forever young" and maybe I would start up a county fair fuchsia ribbon award for sewing named after my 4H sewing teacher B Tanner. E says that the stupidest question someone can ask is, 'hey, what's that you're reading?' I was personally asked to leave the library tonight because they close so early and I didn't know, I ignored the announcement. I was listening to brazilian folk music. I love folk music and folk art and country folk and folk dancing. B thinks that Rob Bresney is on to her. J is in NYC, she should meet up with K. K makes me think of things I miss terribly. If I didn't miss things I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I suffer from sentimentality and a mild dog allergy. I can't decide what I miss the most - walks around the 'voir, the Olympics, or the curtains and photocubes I left behind. Dodger Stadium for sure. That place and Chichen Itza make me feel like cutting someones heart out and putting it in a decorative bowl on top of a very large hill or smallish mountain. If the leaves don't start turning colors here as promised I will feel duped.

That is the second time in a few weeks that I have mentioned cutting out or removing a heart. I'm going with it though. I had a dream the other night that I had two purple couches. Kierkegaard says the only people afraid to revisit things are robbers and gyspies.

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kfw said...

If I am K and J is Jamie we met on Andrew Ondrejcak's roof. She swung me around and we screamed like little girls whose mom's let them stay up and drink cokes.