Memphis Continues To...

Starting to come slightly unhinged. Forming a semibrainspherical schizophrenic delusion that the south has become unfriendly and that this particular land and all the foliage, housing, and small dogs on lawn-leashes have been permanently transfixed in a sort of moist autumn light. I've taken to making friends with cake donuts, seven year olds, and library security guards. Where is Lil Kim? Here are some grainy phone pics.

Physical manifestation of my wildest dreams:


How much the average Mississippi visitor tips at three am:


(that's seventy-five cents for those of you that can't read it - Michigan visitors tip in gold bullion - you aren't allowed to photograph gold B in Tennessee so...)

Why you don't mind the lack of mid-cen-mod at the thrift stores:


RIP Grover.

PILL-ars of the community:



Drugs were around before the model T, the prohibition, the white coats, but not before Champions.

A deep fryer:



ryan schude said...

wait, what are you doing in memphis?

heidi said...

mmmm... cake donuts. you can snack on your friends, right? the home depot in klamath carries deep fryers for turkeys.