I Love All Kinds of Music

My birthday was grand thanks to my number one Memphis host, BB.

We had dinner at Molly Fontaine Lounge and this is a sampling of the kind of informative discussion we had in the background all evening:

I like the piano lounge experience in the south because it seems to be a 30-70 music/actual-singing to chit-chat-directly-in-the-microphone ratio. But older southern black women seem to know a lot about life and music so it makes sense.

If like, me you have lived for long enough to give advice to low-level people (like teenagers and younger siblings), you still qualify for some great perks. Like, for example, this super serious chocolate birthday cake:


Knife included!

Oh and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Special thanks to Heidi for pointing out that Nikola Tesla and I share a birthday as well.

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