Emotional Report

“Don’t ask me again” – I like that button on some of the windows that pop up on my computer. I’m going to put that option on the bottom of my emails and see what happens at work.

You know what happened at work the other day? I was going through the paper remains of the last person that worked in my position and found some personal notes about toddler dance classes, losing weight, taking a trip to Cabo San Lucas, and a blank copy of a Hurt Feelings Report.


I wonder if she used this if any toddlers complained during dance class.

What would be the reasons for filing this report?


*I don’t appreciate the typo in, “The weather is to cold”.

There really isn’t anything funnier than making fun of hurt feelings and if you want to really get under someone’s skins make sure you tell them they are not a hero. That’s a bar fight waiting to happen.

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