Lazy Bloggers Make Lists

A list from the week:

  • My favorite Pinterest boards are these.
  • Mercury is in retrograde so of course my old desktop (kept alive since 2005 and used to download things from unreputable sources) crashed on Wednesday. I hope to resuscitate the hard drives. If I can’t, I won’t be posting for weeks because I will be crying that whole time. Did I leave precious photos and writing and video memories on there? Yes. When is the last time I backed that up? 2005.
  • I started taking a pottery class because I need something sensible to fall back on in this economy – I feel like handicrafts and the plumbing trade are sure bets for the future. My interest in clay isn’t completely unfounded. I have a thing for Beatrice Wood and I studied what they call “fine art” in undergrad. I took many ceramics classes and I was very into pinch pots. This new class might be one of the best things that happened to me all week! It is during the day at a community center in a suburb of the city so can you imagine who is taking a pottery class in the middle of the day in a southern suburb? If you said the cast of Steel Magnolias – you are right!
  • We put a new behind-the-scenes video up here from The Keepers. It is from one of the pre-production tours we took with the incredibly darling primate keeper. If you are a feeling human being, you will be charmed. If you are a chimp you will be like, “Yeah. Whatever. I can do that.”
  • I was a week late renewing my car registration and it didn’t even cost me one penny extra. I wish I would have pushed this further.

Have a hellofa weekend.

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