Library Book of the Week: Election Edition

Chill out y’all. I have it on good authority, as in – from a reference book (don’t even THINK about checking it out from the library – it has to stay there), that in 2012 – the incumbent will win the election.




The Astrological Chart of the United States was published in 1976 (maybe as a bicentennial gift?) by Stein and Day. That is the author Gar Osten up there. Down below you can see how he has charted out some of the major events of the United States of America.


But here you see where he puts all of this information to use. The book has general social trend  and political predictions, sectioned in two year increments, for the US that date up until 2141.

Check out this take-it-to-the-bank prediction for 2011-2012:


If you missed that:


I am assuming Obama’s people already know this astrological fact. BUT – do they know THIS:


Re-election followed by a two year period of impeachments and assassination attempts.

Of course, we should consider the source, this prediction has been slow to come to full realization:


I don’t know though, being “chosen” as the outer space channel would explain the upsurge in reality television programming. Hey-yo!

So that is your library book find of the week. Have a good election day, vote if you feel like you can change the destiny of something already determined by the stars (and superPACs). I leave you with two of my favorite library images -  the telephone and the little scrap paper holder:




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