Library Book of The Week: Feline Stars

Another astrology book! This one is cat themed and has beautiful, or should I say, purrrrrfect illustrations of housecats and their corresponding zodiac sign.   Some of you may recognize this from my instagram – but I really wanted to show more pictures (no filters needed). Ladies and gents, I present to you STAR CATS!



Cats are just like the signs of the zodiac! Individual temperaments and interests. Like my sign, Cancer, or the Chesterton cat, enjoys water and sand creatures. TRUE.



Look! The Chesterton has a clipped ear! Sign of a cancerian fighter perhaps?
Some Sagittarius cat dog-eared a page! Typical.


Cats, cosmic relationships, and comets:


I really want to meet the author, Lesley Ann:

That’s it for now. I’m on the road! Holiday road trip! I’m such a Chesterton.

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