In or out of conTEXT

Everything but game information from my phone:

yay. I’m filling in as your seatwarmer. I never thought I could love a team so much!

Woo! I love la! We Love it!

Hellz YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for introducing me to the greatest past time ever! We miss you.

Btw, I’m drunk.

Omg!omg! loney! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Me, jage, and heidi are watching the game at neighbors. Missing you!

F**k yeah!:D!!!! Yes we did!!

Broxton has earned some serious subs!

Let’s get this party started!

You know Eithier just wants to party on a ranch.

And we would attend every ranch party he threw.


Perfect he can live there and braid our horses tails.

I got my big girl butt in your dodger viewing seat. Wish you were here fighting for it.

Sara Kaye Blake.

Dewitt just gave him a shave.

Yeah, some bad hair all over that Philly team.

The team will shave him in his sleep.

Why is Lowe sweating so much?

His brain is just hot, he’ll be fine. Thinking mans game, you know.

My new religion is dewittism.

Oh damn! Sacfly.

Atlantis and Werth’s facial hair – great mysteries we will never solve.

I don’t know how Manny missed that homerun. He tattooed that thing. More to come, I’m sure.

Please say you just read Lowe’s lips?

F**k Yeah. Mother F**in b***h!


Keep your head up lowe!


I think so, he said “F**k Yeah. Mother F**in b***h!”

You gotta love Donnie Baseball

Blake blake blake.


Wtf? Come on boys!

I was sweating when we were 10-3. I’m just a sweater. Keep ya warm in the winter.

All hail DeWitt!

Yes, Just to satisfy your uniform related lust.

Alright, it’s only one game.

Are you ok?

They played really well. Nothing to be ashamed of. We got this.

Please say you just heard biemels starting line up?!! I want you to marry him. For us.

At a callback, no more Dodgers for now.

That one hurt. Bad

Some little kid just told me he wanted to “hump me in the b**thole”

Oh, I know sportsfan, I know.

Go dodgers!


I told him to give ‘lil puddn’ Blake DeWitt a second look.

Trying hard. Go Loney!

Good for you. You are amazing! Now turn on the game: )

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