You Can't Cut Infinity in Half

I just recently had a convo that brought up the high-concept of I Love Super Beautiful. It made me homesick for gatherings on Garden Ave.

Also, I have a head cold and I prefer to update my blog in list form until I can get my southern photos uploaded.

So here's a useful list of things I find beautiful (from memory for this evening in honor of nostalgia): National parks, federal land, and commie stuff. Bethany's singing voice, gift for description, and her unapologetic love for love. My car and the two free, three white, and one champagne cars before it. The open road, the closed road, and the dirt road. Heidi's enthusiasm, dog-walking dreams, and classic profile. Sports, narrative structure, and pills. Beth's ability to use an old fashioned corkscrew, her charmful drawings, and amazing freckles. Jamie's born-free-birth-right, hilarity, hair cut, and alcohol tolerance. Peonies and poppies. Emma's huge heart, handsome height, and road trip expertise. JG's confidence and business sense. My sister my sister and my sister and my brothers. My brothers' love for cars and fixing things like my computer and my hi-fi. Cameras, kittens, bulldog puppies, love letters and like-letters.  The Desert. Cari's unrivaled - borderline freakish - spontaneity and precious little ones. Coffee and secrets. Liz's man-handlin', beach knowledge, and commitment to higher education. What it feels like to have someone stay after class to show you a draft of their essay. Community. Community service. Believing in someone. Believing in the Dodgers and being rewarded. Music, movies, and music in movies. Walking. Channeling dead writers. Quitting. Starting. Moving. Mojo. Julie's precious helpful intelligent nature, lack of internal dialogue, and badass midCen house in Albuquerque. Kelly's ability to move anywhere on five dollars and self-certainty. And of course: rainbows, found money, and apples.

That is all I could fit in before the Nyquil... How's that for hope?


heidi said...

and this post is my favorite. ever. i'm ecstatic about our upcoming visitation.

bethany toews said...

it's official. I'm moving wherever you go. I love super beautiful is lacking all sorts of sunsets without your pockets.