It's Really All The Same But So So Different

There are really only two stories to tell: 1) A person leaves town aka: goes on a journey or 2) A stranger comes to town.

There are really only two deep, true emotional injuries in the entire human existence: 1) Loss and 2) Not being able to get the last word in/make someone see your point of view - technically that is a loss so there is really only one deep emotional injury in all of this mess we call the human condition: LOSS

I'm reviewing this duality because 1) An old friend royally pissed me off beyond repair recently and 2) I have these two before and after photos of where I have lived recently:





There are really only two kinds of life: 1) Now and 2) Not now.

Two kinds of less lonely people in the world. Two kinds of truly acceptable pasta. Two kinds of peace signs. Two kinds of pens. Two kinds of car seats. Two kinds of holidays, road lanes, poultry meat, feet, and also the dollar is available in two kinds of currency 1) paper and 2) silver.


bethany toews said...

there are two types of sara: 1.)sara here and 2.)sara not here. I would like to arrange for the first type of sara sometime soon. as for the "here" there are also two types: 1.)here, as in where I am currently, as in LA and 2.)here, as in somewhere else, preferably a compound in tennessee.

Created by: J.G. Francis said...

This is one of my favorite blogs you have ever written. It really has me thinking....thanks kayeKilla.