Locked Cabin Doors

There is clearly a disparity of duration happening. This is a peninsula thing - maybe a northern Idaho thing but I can't know for sure. The rest of you, those of you that move freely on the roads and in your days, using regular air and weather and clocks and time, I urge you not to take it for granted. Seconds do not always last exactly a second. Eternity has been unleashed in a snowflake and it is falling over and over again outside my window.


bethany toews said...

it IS a northern idaho thing. I will send photos soon. the world is lost in the dandruff of some higher power. my mom and sister got stuck in the target parking lost yesterday for 45 minutes and my sister had to get in a fight with a grown man in a truck who didn't believe in taking turns.

heidi said...

can i still bitch about how cold it is in LA?