That 99cents? Keep It.

Dear iTunes,

It was late and I was emotionally compromised so I actually purchased a song from you. What in the snowcovered hell was I thinking? If I buy a song from you the only thing you can do with it is play it on your annoying iTunes software. No sampling, no video soundtracking, no ghostriding the whip, no dividing the song up in minutes and handing it out on Halloween to small children and their greedy older cousins. Really though, thanks so much for the album artwork. You clearly have the artists best interests in mind.

Piss up a rope.


To convert a copy protected M4P iTunes song you have to burn it on a CD then copy it back onto your computer and import it into Audition or some other high-end audio software and then re-export it to a wav or FLAC file and then you will be officially an ITunes copyright pirate! You will have all the time and money and music you want to sit around and think about the ethical conundrum you have put yourself in.

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