AuthentiK Beauty

I picked up this free pub on campus last week. Every article in it is written by the same author, a woman who calls herself an Inner Beauty Psychologist and writes MA, MA, PsyD after her name.


I don't want to scan too much without permish but here is a page from the "Is he an Appetizer, Dessert, Meat & Potatoes or Full Course Meal Man?" - We all knew Clinton is a "dessert" man from his jellbell and the way he loves to feel guilty!


Seeing this in a picked-over stack next to the main Detroit alt weekly at the student center got me so inspired! I want to do my own inner/outer beauty post-cosmo, post-prepackaged food era, publication.

I will write articles about What to Do With "his baby" After You Have It.

I will sign all my articles S__andSo__, BFA, MA, UFO.


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kellyk said...

I don't have words to describe my joy at this insane discovery. I can however say I love that the cover is just a McCall's pattern.