The Majesty of Taliesin West

Featured in not one, but two different, Vistavision Videos:

And another with the featured tourist showcase models:

We were on a guided tour when we visited Taliesin West and you have to be with a guide to take photos and video so there weren’t many opportunities to grab the exact Vista Video that I wanted. There were however, endless opportunities to hear the asinine remarks from the dustbillies and retires and dustbilly retires in our tour group.

A very vocal old fella actually stopped the tour guide on several occasions just to interject knowledge nuggets like, “These buildings are very angular, like geometric,” and “I don’t know if they thought of this but the sun rises in the east so having the building facing this way was actually a really good idea.. for heating and sunlight.. ya know.” 

To which the tour guide would say, “Yes, Frank Lloyd Wright had good ideas like that. That is why you just paid thirty-eight dollars to tour his compound of architectural genius.”

She didn’t really say that but I bet she wanted to.

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