2010 Here We Go Again

I love a good inspirational slogan. Someday I will host seminars on the power of the personal slogan and Tony Robbins and The Situation from The Jersey Shore will show up. 

A new year brings a lot of opportunity for fresh life-guiding rhymes, especially as we move into the tens. Here a few themes I worked up that you can use to shape your new year:

  • 2010 It’s Raining Men
  • 2010 Pick Up The Pen
  • 2010 Forget Zen  (or 2010 Keep it Zen – if you are so inclined)

And then there are more abstract themes that come in the form of questions:

  • 2010 Where are the Spacemen?
  • 2010 The End of the World is Coming When?
  • 2010 How Many Dollars Equal a Yen?

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