Lost Earring in Indianapolis

Made it to downtown Circle City before sundown. Although sundown comes much later here in the north and the air is thinner and cooler and there are more men in belted shorts. So what I'm saying is there will be no contest. (Apples and oranges) in comparing this trip to the last (as in last weekend). 

I lost an earring. It is a miniature teardrop brass locket and it is somewhere between the Marriott and Elmo's Steak House. There is a convention of Emergency Phone Response Professionals going on here. We watched the Lakers game on a tv that skipped up into fragmented pixel dancing whenever the ball got near the basket. It was hard on the nerves. And the loss? Hard on the heart.

Why do they call this place The Circle City you wonder? Because the interstate 465 forms a perfect circle around the city. Now I'm not going to be the wet blanket here but I think some other cities have a similar circumfrential (?) highway system, but if Indianapolis wants dibs on the nickname - good for them. There's something to be said for having the most circular road system.  I wonder what city wants to claim the badass nickname The Grid City?

Off to Michigan tomorrow. The Great Lakes State. Because it's surrounded by lakes. Great ones that could cover sixteen interstate circles (by my late night estimation). 

S Kaye

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I'm sure I've told you this before but I loveeeee Michigan lakes particular Huron. Why? Two reasons. They are gorge and crystal clear. Second--back to the whole crystal clear thing, I can see a snake coming!!!