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Okay guys, I'm trying to wrap my head around the latest shock World Cup scoreline - Portugal SEVEN DPRK nil??? What the hell is going on? Do you think Portugal were the better team lol? Somehow I'm inclined to think that. Looks like curtains for Ivory Coast! - pissed off no surprise, some fuckin people, cant wrap my head around em chillin with my baby - cant seem to wrap my head around this.. - So today, Dentist appointment, Job Interview, School work, then trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am actually going to miss one day of school for Tiffany's pagent!!! I guess for my daughter I will do anything, One day might just kill me though!!! - 2nd grade moving up is all finished. September my kid is in the middle school. She will graduate in the year 2020...hard to wrap my head around that one. - I love the misconceptions people have about everything and everyone. It is so stupid I can't even wrap my head around it, but kinda entertaining. - Cannot wrap my head around pro rating today...been gone too long. I am confusing me and pissing me off!!!! - is in need of a nap! I can't take anymore thinking right now. I have enough to wrap my head around and this is just crazy... Wow, I need a free vacation... ! - Sometimes life seems so unreal... Just can't wrap my head around it - Right now is one of those times where I can't wrap my head around it. - listenin to this chris brown & tyga mixed tape @ tonny house...by myself! lol tryna wrap my head around this conversation ijust had wit bonez ready to leave...36 days left...ugh hurry up July 27th! ireally wanna go swimmin!!! - i have yet to wrap my head around the distinction between pretentious and earnest. - Can't seem to wrap my head around all that has taken place in the past few days - is exausted, sad, angry, and totally disappointed with one person...just can't wrap my head around it...how can a mother keep her children away from the ones that love them!!! it's a sad sad world...... - can't wrap my head around this problem.. - can hardly wrap my head around the fact that on July 3rd, I will get to renew several friendships/relationships from the late 1960's--I am sooo excited & a tad nervous! - Trying 2 wrap my head around bull shit ppl keep talking be real (kayekilla note: this one written by a chick that looks ten) - This is a little late I know... I've had to wrap my head around a few things lately. I just want to say thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday.... I appreciate it more than you know. -  still tryin to wrap my head around WHY..my xbox account got suspended for a week...this is BULLSHIT - got some sleep, calmed down. still hard to wrap my head around this shit. - Finally feeling up to re-entering society at large. No Jammies before kids are in bed is a VERY difficult thing to wrap my head around. And today, I have a sore throat. Ugh. - ...wrap my head around... - I'm not starting work today. I was physically assulted and robbed. So I have to get my ID/ SS card & all that jazz before I start. Almost all my life I have lived in Cleveland, & never been messed w/. I'm just try'n to wrap my head around it. - is trying to wrap my head around this thing called LOVE... I'm just not understanding it right now! Why does it have to hurt so bad? - Trying to wrap my head around last night... woah - I am stressed, not ready to wrap my head around a new project so I am going to go take a 15 minute break by the creek. -trying to wrap my head around this divorce package!!!!!!!

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It hurts wen those who r LOYAL get thrown under the bus nd the rats get all the LOVE ND GLORY im jus sayin smh.... - Sad faces, I wish I didn't have to get thrown under the bus and work a 15 hour shift. - JUST THROW ME UNDER THE BUS WHY DONT YA.......... - Ever try to help someone and wind up getting thrown under the bus?? No good deed goes unpunished. Anyway ... the book is nearing completion and the CD has a couple more songs in the works so that won't be happening very soon. The sabbatical keeps getting interrupted by ... life. Long story short ... if you need me ... message me. - getting thrown under the bus really sucks expecially when you had no idea - Don't be mad cause um on top right now and you under the bus. I told you every dog got it's day!!! (kayekilla note – this is a favorite use and admiral-able revival of this tired phrase) - Man the last week has been a nightmare so much stuff has gone wrong it makes me want to throw in my hand. I cant believe how someone you trusted and thought you were ok with would just throw you under the bus and back the bus up on you. Just goes to show what a person will do to save their own neck. Kinda makes me want to retaliate. - Love when people throw me under the bus ... does it make you feel better about yourself?? Going to fuckin bed. - If you throw me under the bus... I will hit you with a plane :) haha - YOU THINK YOU KNOW SOME ONE AND ALL YOUR LIFE YOU ARE ACTUALLY STRANGERS.THEY WOULD EVEN GO AS FAR AS SELLING YOU DOWN THE RIVER OR THROWING YOU UNDER THE BUS FOR THEIR WELL BEING..WOW AND THESE ARE SO CALLED SIBLINGS DANG FOR THAT WHO NEEDS ENEMY'S WOW................... (kayekilla note – this guy posted TWICE in a minute about under-bus throwing) - Not even being "thrown under the bus" today can't dampen my euphoria over our win in South Africa... - Yeah I'll admit, I was down to ride...Just didn't realize I'd be thrown under the bus so soon! No worries, I wasn't stuck for too long..Just flyinggg solooo :P - i luv bein the good friend thrown under the bus, it only enhances my focus on god and shows me the lack of trust from those around me. who can i call friend??? - I am getting so used to being thrown under the bus I am going to get tire treds tatooed on my back and the saying...you better make it count cause when I get up... - Obama's just throughing everyone under the bus. - I love how everyone on top chef just threw each other under the bus. lol hilarious - Don't you just love it when you are thrown under the bus by someone that is suppose to be your friend? - Ask and you shall receive ... i love when people ((try)) to lie to cover their own ass and ((try)) to throw someone under the bus in the mean time. Nice try, maybe tomoro ;) - Being thrown under the bus never feels good. - Loves bein thrown under the bus.. - general petraeus, prepair yourself to be throughed under the bus by the p.o.t.u.s! - I love it when my boyfriend throws me under the bus.... it just makes me feel so great (big sad face) :( even my friends have never done that. - cant stand it when people throw you under the bus for something they screwed up. So not happy at my third baseman right now. - What really irks me is people that love to throw folks under the bus...I mean come on let's try talking about someones accomplishments for a change. That's the problem today we as people are so quick to break someone down let's build them up - Wow threw me under the bus and it came out in my favor!! - So I had the best interview on Monday, felt good, just didn't know my references would throw me under the bus when the job called about me...grrrrrr - I just want to thank the wonderful girls who threw me under the bus today just to let ya know im still hearing sh*t talking thanks soooo much :) ......  - if anyone looks for me, check under the bus. I was thrown there this am. (kayekilla note – that update was by a soldier so he may not be being metaphorical)

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