I didn't just minor in film... I majored

I saw the Cohen Brothers film and I will say that it really is time for John Malkovich to start doing commercials and for Brad Pitt to become the architect that he has always wanted to be - seeing these actors in yet another film makes me realize that while there may be a giant pool of money, there is not nearly a giant enough pool of actors. I've got an idea, lets put Malkovich in a bathrobe and make him scream and give Brad Pitt highlights - it will be ironic because he usually wears Armani - his character will just develop from there. Or not. Or here's another idea let's bring back DeNiro and Pacino and 90210 and Knight Rider. Or how about this idea: iced coffee at McDonalds, or organic fruit at Meijers, tight-rolling jeans, rain-X on windshield wipers, roll-on perfume, costumes for cats, self-adjusting shampoo, 9/11 Truth Seekers, coasters on coffee tables, downloading music, manual transmissions, and fashion magazines.


kfw said...

you have just made me commit the ultimate of indecency's by laughing so hard out loud that i spit on my computer screen. perfect.

gina clover said...

here, here. we should post this missive on a billboard on sunset.