Look Out Behind You

Undoubtedly the most valid reason I have heard against voting for Barack Obama came from a Southwest Detroit couple. The young wife told E and I that she had seen pictures, awful, terrible, bad, sick, totally grossed-out pictures of the things that American soldiers have been doing to Iraqi prisoners and the things Iraqi insurgents have been doing to American soldiers. She was extremely disgusted and adamant and detailed about describing the horrors of what she had seen online. In fact, it took giving her E's email address to get her to wrap up her point. (E should be expecting some good email forwards any moment now.)

Obvious conclusion:

If Barack gets into office he will pull American troops out of Iraq. What do you think will happen then? Logically, the Iraqis, free from their perverted rapist captors, will head straight for American soil. Yep, to do guess what? Force American women (and men) to give them all blow jobs and perform various reenactments from the same Internet photos seen by our friend the unregistered voter. If Obama gets into office you could possibly wake up with an Iraqi you-know-what in your mouth.

So we need to stay there and keep the rape cycle where it belongs.

You can't argue with an air tight argument.

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