Obituaries for People I Like

It's fall now. New leaves and caterpillars and cocoons and such. A few of the people on the blog roll/link list to the right have to get moved into mini storage -  meaning this blog post. The link list cannot be cluttered with inactive blogs and websites.

First I am removing my "netflix friend" link because no one else besides the people I watch with movies with seem to be interested in sharing their queue with me. It's a personal thing. I get it. You don't want people to know that you have had "Georgia Rules" at home for four weeks. No biggie. That link is gonzo!

I Love Super Beautiful

What happens when blog precedes content? Even from a group of heartfelt masterminds (the immensely no, immeasurably, talented writing group La Croix) it produces an empty corral. A place where Clydesdales and fantasy beasts of dreams fear to tread. They cannot be caged. Or updated.

Bosom Bloggies

Oh Skeet and JG. If you didn't get enough momentum off the Barry Bond's Ball diagram, nothing was going to do it. I had such high hopes - I don't see why you guys can't continue the project as a NoCalSoCal collaboration.

Julie Likes

J is quite possibly the worlds greatest homemaker. I never did get to see her Martha Stewart Apprentice audition tape but maybe that is something she could put up on the site. I have a feeling that she is just too busy growing, sewing, and showing stuff to write about it. I could offer to post her extremely long emails and scan her handwritten postcards - she is quite the corresponder.

Yesterdays News

It's a shame to hog such a good blog name. The beauty of it is that even if you don't update it people can't get mad at you - read the title again, ya know? I'm just going to assume that Cory has switched to microblogging on Twitter.

That is it for now. Gone but never forgotten. Who knows, maybe there will be a resurrection. Be sure to keep updating or you too will be put in a post graveyard. If you have any new projects or blogs that I must know about, holler!

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bethany toews said...

In Loving Memory

10 Reasons Why We Should Get Whiskey Tonight (some of your finest work)

1. Jamie won't shut up about her "period" and "period" is a harsh word and would sound better slurred.

2. It's delicious.

3. It's a mental and social lubricant - these girls are making me nervous.

4. It's cold outside.

5. We might have to do surgery later. You never know.

6. I had too much ginko biloba and I need an antidote.

7. We might need to work up the nerve to drive later.

8. Because we can.

9. Bill's Liquor is as close as the second closest bathroom around here.

10. There is no more beer left.