You’re Free To Go

Tomorrow is Wednesday and the week is already getting away from me. Quick update:

  • I heard everything: Ten bullets shot through a window down the street.
  • I survived my first day of class in the the Fed Penn – one lesson learned: lots of sayings in everyday convo sound hilarious in front of a room full of inmates, like when I told them after they were done with the ten minute writing exercise they were “free to go.”
  • I’m going to be an aunt. Finally. I always refused to buy liquor for my younger siblings but I have no qualms about buying for a niece or nephew.
  • I’m pushing the limit on how many times I can refill my smushy front drivers side car tire with air. The gas station down the street has an air machine that takes debit cards. (I’m almost afraid to write that in case one of my enemies reads this and wants to sabotage me by shoving gum in the debit card reader.)
  • Media note: I’m insane for INSANITY & The Millionaire Matchmaker.
  • Note to self: Need to find a Winter Olympics countdown widget.
  • At work, some of the ladies love to talk about how they have been “good” because they have been drinking water. They do not think it is that “good” when I talk about how I have been breathing air.


J said...

I recently bit the bullet and finally bought new tires after dealing with smushy tires and gas station attendants who knew exactly why I was there: Not to buy their overpriced fuel but to sheepishly ask to get some free air for my tires.

Oh, how I wish there was an air machine that takes debit cards! It would've helped me avoid gas station attendants who knew exactly why I was there and helped me avoid frantic searches for quarters.

An air machine that takes debit cards. What an invention.

It's like when I discovered that vending machines take debit cards.

Please take a picture of this debit-card-eating air machine. Thank you. :)

J.G. Francis said...

I can't stop laughing. This shit is gold!